Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ragnar - Wasatch Back

For those who may not know I love running. Last Friday and Saturday I participated in an event called the Wasatch Back Relay. It is part of a relay series called the Ragnar Relay Series. It started with the Wasatch Back in 2004, and now there are 12 different Relays through out the country.

Each relay is about 200 miles total and designed for 12 runners. Each runner runs 3 legs of the relay. There are a few "Ultra" teams of 6. Members of these teams each run 6 legs (2 legs back to back, 3 times). Each team is advised to have 2 vans (6 members/van) that bring the runners from one location to another. It actually works pretty good because they just drop off the runner that is going out, and then pick up the runner that just finished, then you drive to the next exchange spot and wait for that runner and drop off the next runner. When your 6th runner gets done you proceed to the next major exchange spot to eat, and relax until the other van's 6 runners finish.

The Wasatch Back starts in Logan and 188 miles later finishes in Park City. Each leg varies in intensity, and distance. Most runs are on asphalt, but there were some that were on dirt roads.

Here's a look at the leg I did:

Leg #12 (3.1 miles/Very Hard):

Time from @ 3:30 -4:00 pm

This was a hard run, but because I had fresh legs it was doable. It also helped that the road was windy so I never could see the whole hill all at once. I was able to make small manageable goals and get through.

It also helped that the 1 mile to go sign was missing on this leg so I was pleasantly surprised when the volunteer told me the exchange was just around the corner. It was heaven to my ears because I thought I still had at least a mile to go.
I didn't eat a whole lot before this so I went into the Snow Basin ski lodge and got an over priced ($11) turkey wrap that was delicious. I normally wouldn't have bought it, but decided I needed some REAL food if I was going to have a chance at running any more.

While running my first leg

"I'm done. . for now" - One down 2 to go.

Leg # 24 (6.5 miles/Hard)
Time from @ 2:30 - 3:30 am

This was by far my funnest leg. I was a little worried about the distance, but for the most part I felt really good. The hills on this one were gradual enough I would get winded by them, but was able to recover, and get right back into the groove. It was windy for the first half or so, but again that was when my legs were freshest so I was able to push through it.

I also fell in LOVE with running in the middle of the night. I loved everything about it. I just wish that I could run with a HUGE group at 4am every morning, but there is NO way I'm going alone.

When I finished I was disappointed to find out our Van #1 hadn't arrived yet, because they were stuck in traffic, We ended having to wait about 15- 20 min for them to get there.

For the night we drove to the next exchange spot that we would have to take over (Rocky Mountain Middle School in Heber) We paid $2 to sleep on the gym floor for about 3-4 hours. Man was it worth it. It was hard, but quiet, and in the morning we had access to the running toilets which STUNK, but there was only 5 people in line rather than a 1/4 mile line waiting to use the Honey Bucket that stunk even worse.

Leg #36 (4.7 Miles/Moderate)
Time from: 2:00-2:45 pm

This was by far the hardest all my legs. I'm sure some of it was fatigue, and heat. But I think the hill climb for the last two miles is what in the end did me in. I ended up walking up some of the hills. I also found myself over anxious for the finish line that just never seemed to come. It did finally come. After I crossed the finish line I just wanted to go home and sleep.

AND THAT IS JUST WHAT I DID (of course after I stopped by the Hawaiian shave ice stand by my house for a delicious shave ice with ice cream.

The faithful Van #2 runners
+ the girl in the tutu (She just hijacked her way into the picture)


Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have decided on occasion to share of few of my favorite recipes. The first in the series is for some tasty egg rolls.

See my new blog:

Check back from time to time for some of my favorite recipes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks Goodness For Summer

We sent the invitation to summer and although it came a little later than we would have liked it finally arrived and we have taken advantage of it.

Parker loves being outside. He throws a fit if I don't let him out enough.

Hike up City Creek Canyon

His futures so bright he has to wear shades :)

Yeah for friends willing to come with us.

Memorial Day Volley Ball


River rafting down the Colorado

Delicate Arch

No Parker on this trip

I love having a camera again to capture these experiences.