Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 Months

Man how time flies when you are having fun. I can't believe Parker is already 5 months old.

He has learned to roll over from his back to his front.
He now gets mad if he wakes and is swaddled.
He is sleeping better during the day.
He is nursing less often for shorter periods???
He loves to put anything and everything in his mouth.
He enjoys being outside.
He loves baths.

We are happy and proud that he is healthy, and growing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tour of Our Lemon-aid Stand

As requested here is a tour of our new house (AKA our lemon-aid stand). We hope to paint it in a few years to a more mellow color.

Front View
Front Room (it will probably be empty for a while)
Entry Way (I must say I love the tile that goes all the way to the kitchen, but not a fan that the kitchen sink is so visible from the front door).
Dining Area
Upstairs Bathroom
Master Bedroom

Office/Spare Bedroom

Parker's Room


Family Room
Creative/Game/Play Area

Laundry/Storage/Sewing Room

Spare Bedroom

3/4 Bathroom (it doesn't look this good in real life)
Backyard (With our friend Gabe who we are tending)

Now that we are more settled we are really loving the place. I'm enjoying having so much open space. We still have a lot of work to do, but we will have plenty of time to get everything we want done in the coming years.

Thanks to all who helped make this move possible. We appreciate those who helped by moving our things, watching Parker, and cleaning both the new place and the old place. We feel blessed to have such great friends.

Troy's Transformation

I usually cut Troy's hair. I remember being really pregnant last time I cut Troy's hair. Troy hasn't has a hair cut since then. Parker is now 4 1/2 months old so needless to say Troy has been in desperate need of a hair cut for some time. I've been telling him I'm too busy and he should just go pay someone, but he never took the time to go get one; so finally on Saturday I said, "I'm cutting your hair once Parker goes to sleep."

Here are the results:



I'm not very good at the hair cutting thing, but I figured there was no way I could make it look any worse than it already did so I just went at it.

It took me like 1 1/2 hours to do the hair cut, but it was fun being able to spend that time with Troy. I'd like to think that was part of my plan (get both of us really tired so the hair cut looks 10 times better), but it really just takes me a long time to get it to look half-way decent.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Burton Transplant Benefit Fund

My cousin's husband Doug Burton, 35, also a father of Anya and Isaac is in desperate need of a kidney and pancreas transplant. Struggling with juvenile diabetes since his youth, Doug is now on dialysis. Please join us in helping Doug restored back to health with this vital surgery.

Doug has worked for years in the company business, Burton Auto, helping his dad and granddad in their West Jordan shop. A few years ago he was able to get a job, in the printing department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The health insurance from this blessed job, will pay most of the bills. Now unable to work, we ask that you please lend a hand in helping us raise his portion of the surgical costs.

Friday, August 14, 2009, come join the festivities at Pioneer Hall 1137 West 7800 South in West Jordan, Utah, with an all day boutique and silent auction
Prince & Princess Party 2-4pm for children, which includes meeting a favorite princess, fairy godmother, games & royal treats. $5
Western Party with the Deloy Allred Country Band is $20 per couple 7-9pm which includes, program, dancing & goodies.

Purchase tickets for either event at either Burton Automotive (7709 S Redwood Road), or Macey's Grocery (7589 S 3200 W) in West Jordan.

If you are unable to make it to either event, but want to help out; donations can be made to any Mountain America Credit Union.