Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have hope . . .

Parker will be a GREAT big brother.

  • If he takes a toy from another kids and the kid throws a fit he nicely gives the toy back, and says, "Here you go."

  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES babies. At church he is constantly looking at and pointing out all the babies in the chapel.

  • He loves to look at, hug and kiss my belly. The other night he even pointed at my belly and told me the baby was stuck :).

  • He cuddles his baby doll so tenderly.
I'm still expecting a transition period when he realizes the little baby will always be around and will even have needs that I'll need to attend to, but I'm hopeful he will love having a baby around.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 Weeks

Today I'm 30 weeks along ~ meaning our little boy should be making an appearance in about 10 weeks. I'm due on May 15th, and hoping the baby doesn't come before May 4th since I have my last final for the semester on that day. Some may say that is cutting it close, but since Parker came late, I'm expecting this one to come at the end of May. That way when this baby doesn't come on the due date I won't be too disappointed.

I love feeling the baby kick - I feel like I learn a little more about our little boy with each jab. I wouldn't give up this experience for anything, and am looking forward to meeting this baby face to face.

Parker loves to cuddle up with me. Sometimes the baby kicks him, I figure he's getting in all the jabs to big brother that he can. Parker loves to rub, and kiss my belly. I still don't think he knows what it all means, but I have hope he will be a great big brother.

For Christmas we got Parker a blue doll so he could learn to take care of a baby. He's really cute with it sometimes and other times he thinks its fun to throw the doll. It seems like lately he's been really lovey with his doll. Last night he even insisted upon taking the doll to bed with him. He loves babies and any time there is a baby around he wants to go see it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Like His Mom. . .

Today I tried to put some brown corduroy pants on Parker. He was in already in a bad mood when I started dressing him so I had to use all 4 limbs and my growing belly to pin Parker down and get the pants on him. After dressing him I was attempting to get everything ready to leave the house and he continued to cry. Soon he brought in a pair of blue jeans and motioned he wanted me to put those pants on him. I refused, since I was busy getting other things together, and he already had on the essential one pair of pants. Soon I saw him attempting to put the pair of pants on himself, however he missed the memo of taking off the offending pair of pants so the task became rather impossible. I let him cry and struggle for awhile before making his day and changing the his pants for him. At first I thought this is just the start of this wonderful terrible 2 stage we are in then I remembered a time when I wasn't much older than Parker. My mom was trying to put some brown polyester pants on me that I HATED. I cried the whole time she was putting them on me and then when she was done I changed my own clothes so I wouldn't have to wear those ugly brown pants. After that my mom let me dress myself.

The brown pants
(before he decided he didn't like them)

Maybe Parker and I just have a similar taste in clothes.