Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ultrasound Results

The ultrasound showed a fabulous little BOY that is growing well and his size is right on schedule.

(Sorry I'm keeping the family jewel's picture to ourselves)

I'm grateful for this opportunity to be a mom to another boy, and look forward to having two little boys. We saw a shirt at the store that said, "No Girls (but mom) Allowed." This will be true in our family for now, and I couldn't be more thrilled about being the only girl in our house.

Parker has showed signs, that he just MIGHT do well with a little sibling. At our ward Christmas party a mom of a 10 month old said Parker came over to her little boy gabbered to him for a minute and then just sat down next to him for a little while. I'm sure there will be an adjustment period, but I see hope. Like any question, when I ask him if he wants a brother he says no, but he will sign baby when I say it.

In preperation for a new baby we moved Parker out of the crib into a toddler bed. He has done OK with it. The first few nights he would wake up crying and all I needed to do was put him back in bed. I've found to get him down for naps I just need to stay in the room until he falls asleep. At night, so far, EVENTUALLY he falls asleep. Last night he didn't fall asleep until after 11pm, but this morning when I peeked in on him he was safely asleep in bed.


Friday, December 3, 2010

2 Weeks Away- Vote Now

Yes we plan on finding out the gender of our next baby. We have our ultrasound scheduled for two weeks from today.

Vote whether you think it will be a boy, girl, or inconclusive.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Parker is continuing to grow in both size and ability. He is now tall enough to reach things that are hanging over the side of the counter. He can also climb up a slide at the play ground. He is starting to say more words I understand. My favorite thing he says is thank you. Yesterday he sat at our kitchen table and folded his arms and started mumbling something. I think he was saying a prayer.

I'm growing both mentally and physically. School this semester has been going well. I'm about 1 month away from being done, and therefore being 2 classes closer to graduating. Physically my clothes are also getting a little snug.

Baby #2
We should be meeting this member face to face around May 15th. At the last doctor's appointment the doctor said the heart beat sounded good.

Our family is excitedly awaiting baby #2.

I'm 14 weeks along today, and have been able to enjoy it so far. We should find out around Christmas whether we will be parents to another little boy or if we will get to experience a change and have a little girl.

PS: I'm not going to be posting anything regarding this on facebook for another month or so, so please don't leave a comment on my wall regarding this.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dancing King

Parker is quite the little dancer. About a month ago we were watching a moving and Parker started jamming to the songs that played during the closing credits of the movie. ENJOY!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween was fun this year. We didn't do a lot of the traditional things; we sadly didn't go trick-or-treating, or carve pumpkins. We did however dress-up, and we handed out candy to the 75 or so trick-or treaters that braved the Saturday storm to get their loot of candy.

Parker the white tiger

Troy and I as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss's the Cat in the Hat
(P.S. red pants are HARD to find)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Discover Gateway

We went to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in SLC. Parker enjoyed it. He would get mad any time I would move him from one station, but once we were in the next place something would catch his attention and he would happily play. He is still rather young for many of the exhibits, but there were plenty of things he could enjoy.

The ball room was a hit


Playing in the water
Figuring out how to make music

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1 1/2 YEARS OLD!!!

At 18 Months Parker is doing good.

He is gradually saying words I understand, but most of the time his jabbering seems foreign.

He loves to climb. (I even caught he trying to climb into his crib - Getting closer to a big boy bed)

He LOVES animals.

He loves sticks, rocks, and dirt

He usually takes 1 nap at some point during the day, but there are days he doesn't take one and other days when he takes 2.

He is a pretty good eater. He has even started eating some meat.

He likes to look at books, but if I try to read one to him he throws a fit.

He is small for his age . . . especially his feet. He just grew out of his first pair of shoes, a size 3 pair of sneakers.

He loves to throw things: balls, toys, books, rocks, etc.

He loves to be outside.

He also loves to wear bracelets.

Parker's friend Sadie is so nice to feed his love of bracelets.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Troy's Awesome Work Party

Troy's work had a work party that had something for our whole family. A 5K for me, Old Fashion root beer, music, Wild West shoot out, blacksmith and a cowboy poet for Troy, and a petting zoo, pony rides and train rides for Parker. We all had a blast!!!

getting my congratulations
Pony Ride
Petting Zoo
Looks like that goat gave up running away from Parker
Parker, you're suppose to be looking at the animals not the girls!
Here piggy piggy piggy

Parker don't pick the cow's nose.
Parker even wanted to pet the water.

Train Ride

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Little of This . . . A Little of That

Parker Loves Books. . .
Favorites: Articles of Faith by Talmage, Eernie & The Twiddle Bug Town Fair, Daniel & the Lion's Den
He likes to pretend to read the first.
He likes the 2nd so much he tried to give it a bath.
The last book will calm him down at any time, it has little flaps he can peek under.

Parker Loves Water. . .
We got a little kiddy pool for him to play in. He thinks it is pretty awesome.

We gave him his first "BUBBLE" bath. He was a little frightened to get in at first, but once he found out the bubbles didn't hurt he wanted to eat them.

It seems he even likes to ride on the water. We are going to let him play in the lake next time we are there. We shall see what he thinks of that.

Parker Loves FIREWORKS. . .
This was just a smoke bomb, but when we shot off our personal fireworks he thought they were pretty neat. We didn't go to a park or anything this year. Maybe on the 24th we will venture off to see a big display to see how he likes them.

Parker Loves the Zoo. . .
Especially the train

He loves outside, and knows he needs his shoes on, so he will often bring them to me as his sign it is time to go outside.

He is recognizing shapes and can put most of the shapes in his shape block.
  • Circle - - He will rotate the block until he finds the circle spot then put it in.
  • All the other - - He will correctly put the shape in the correct spot if the spot it goes on is face up.
He has started to build with his building blocks. (Most of the time only one or two block high)

He has just started using a spoon . . .sometimes. . . for eating. Although his tool of choice is his hands.

I try to give him a cup with a little water every day. He love to dump it on himself.

He is getting a little more picky, but will still eat most things. He has never been good about eating meat.

Some of his favorite foods are: yogurt, apple sauce, animal crackers, milk, bananas, peas, macaroni & cheese, & PB & J sandwiches.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ragnar - Wasatch Back

For those who may not know I love running. Last Friday and Saturday I participated in an event called the Wasatch Back Relay. It is part of a relay series called the Ragnar Relay Series. It started with the Wasatch Back in 2004, and now there are 12 different Relays through out the country.

Each relay is about 200 miles total and designed for 12 runners. Each runner runs 3 legs of the relay. There are a few "Ultra" teams of 6. Members of these teams each run 6 legs (2 legs back to back, 3 times). Each team is advised to have 2 vans (6 members/van) that bring the runners from one location to another. It actually works pretty good because they just drop off the runner that is going out, and then pick up the runner that just finished, then you drive to the next exchange spot and wait for that runner and drop off the next runner. When your 6th runner gets done you proceed to the next major exchange spot to eat, and relax until the other van's 6 runners finish.

The Wasatch Back starts in Logan and 188 miles later finishes in Park City. Each leg varies in intensity, and distance. Most runs are on asphalt, but there were some that were on dirt roads.

Here's a look at the leg I did:

Leg #12 (3.1 miles/Very Hard):

Time from @ 3:30 -4:00 pm

This was a hard run, but because I had fresh legs it was doable. It also helped that the road was windy so I never could see the whole hill all at once. I was able to make small manageable goals and get through.

It also helped that the 1 mile to go sign was missing on this leg so I was pleasantly surprised when the volunteer told me the exchange was just around the corner. It was heaven to my ears because I thought I still had at least a mile to go.
I didn't eat a whole lot before this so I went into the Snow Basin ski lodge and got an over priced ($11) turkey wrap that was delicious. I normally wouldn't have bought it, but decided I needed some REAL food if I was going to have a chance at running any more.

While running my first leg

"I'm done. . for now" - One down 2 to go.

Leg # 24 (6.5 miles/Hard)
Time from @ 2:30 - 3:30 am

This was by far my funnest leg. I was a little worried about the distance, but for the most part I felt really good. The hills on this one were gradual enough I would get winded by them, but was able to recover, and get right back into the groove. It was windy for the first half or so, but again that was when my legs were freshest so I was able to push through it.

I also fell in LOVE with running in the middle of the night. I loved everything about it. I just wish that I could run with a HUGE group at 4am every morning, but there is NO way I'm going alone.

When I finished I was disappointed to find out our Van #1 hadn't arrived yet, because they were stuck in traffic, We ended having to wait about 15- 20 min for them to get there.

For the night we drove to the next exchange spot that we would have to take over (Rocky Mountain Middle School in Heber) We paid $2 to sleep on the gym floor for about 3-4 hours. Man was it worth it. It was hard, but quiet, and in the morning we had access to the running toilets which STUNK, but there was only 5 people in line rather than a 1/4 mile line waiting to use the Honey Bucket that stunk even worse.

Leg #36 (4.7 Miles/Moderate)
Time from: 2:00-2:45 pm

This was by far the hardest all my legs. I'm sure some of it was fatigue, and heat. But I think the hill climb for the last two miles is what in the end did me in. I ended up walking up some of the hills. I also found myself over anxious for the finish line that just never seemed to come. It did finally come. After I crossed the finish line I just wanted to go home and sleep.

AND THAT IS JUST WHAT I DID (of course after I stopped by the Hawaiian shave ice stand by my house for a delicious shave ice with ice cream.

The faithful Van #2 runners
+ the girl in the tutu (She just hijacked her way into the picture)


Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have decided on occasion to share of few of my favorite recipes. The first in the series is for some tasty egg rolls.

See my new blog:

Check back from time to time for some of my favorite recipes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks Goodness For Summer

We sent the invitation to summer and although it came a little later than we would have liked it finally arrived and we have taken advantage of it.

Parker loves being outside. He throws a fit if I don't let him out enough.

Hike up City Creek Canyon

His futures so bright he has to wear shades :)

Yeah for friends willing to come with us.

Memorial Day Volley Ball


River rafting down the Colorado

Delicate Arch

No Parker on this trip

I love having a camera again to capture these experiences.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is Parker mad at DAD?

So Troy and I went on a be-lated 5th Anniversary outing this last weekend.

It was great . . . we did a "stay-cation"

After dropping Parker off at Granny and Grandpa's house @ 3pm we headed to nowhere else but. . . Salt Lake City (I know really far) We checked into our hotel (Little America), dropped off our stuff, changed into some nicer close, and then headed out.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner. We didn't know what to do with our left overs since we weren't going to be going back to our hotel (and there wasn't a fridge there anyways). I suggested we just find someone on the streets to give it to. The task seemed a lot easier then it ended up being. After wondering around for a while we finally found someone.

We then went to The Off Broadway Theater for their production of Star Ward. A parody of Star Wars with an LDS twist to is. It was funny, and I would recommend it if you have the time.

We then retired to our hotel. The next morning we went and worked out at the gym, and then went off to the BREAKFAST BUFFET at the Little America Resturant. I stuffed my self SO SILLY. I didn't need anything to eat the rest of the day. The food was SO GOOD!!!

We then went over to the Clark Planetarium, and saw a 3D Hubble Telescope movie, and then headed back to get Parker.

Since returning Parker has given Troy the cold shoulder. If I'm around he wants nothing to do with his dad. Yesterday when Troy picked Parker up from a sitters he didn't even acknowledge his existance.

I think Parker is mad at him because he took his mom away from him.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great website for Runners or Walkers

Recently I found a GREAT website.


So often I'll go for a run and can only estimate on how many miles I've run.

On this website you can track your route and get almost exactly how far you have gone. Also you can suggest routes to other runners. And see what routes others have done, and what they thought of them.

This website is especially helpful for windy routes, or routes that you can't drive the route to figure out the distance.

I LOVE IT and recommend it to all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Learn From Anothers Misfortune

Recently the news reported that a family that attended a REAL Salt Lake game not only had their car broke into while at the game, but also their house. The thieves took among other things their garage door opener, and got their address from their car registration.

The thieves figured the people would not be home, and wouldn't be returning for awhile.

  • Lock all your doors (car & home)
  • Hide your garage door opener (or take it with you when you get out of your car)
  • Black out or remove your address from your car registration
  • Keep valuable belongings out of sight

This specifically hasn't happened to us. Having a stranger come into your home without your permission takes more than your stuff. Most importantly it also takes away your feeling of peace and comfort in your own house. You will fill violated. And if you have small children imagine trying to explain to them, it will be OK when you aren't convinced of that yourself.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parker's at 1-YEAR

At one year Parker is a joy most of the time, and even when he's not the journey is worth it.

  • His eye color - depends on the light, but seem to be a light brown with a little blue most of the time. But if you look at them from the right angle and light they look blue.

  • Is really good at throwing fits

  • Sometimes forgets he's no longer connected to mom by an inbilical cord

  • Seems to have a good immune system

  • Loves to be outside (THANK GOD for the warmer lately)

  • Really likes to toss a ball back and forth

  • Likes to walk along furniture, walls, or with the help of mom & dad

  • Loves remotes and telephones (and seems to know what they are used for)

  • Is really good at doing the "more" sign (he even curls his fingers in)

  • Is a little confused on the "finished" sign (he just starts throwing his food on the floor)

  • Loves to wave and clap

  • Has 6 teeth (he hasn't gotten any teeth since Christmas)

  • Loves to eat: bananas, mac & cheese, peas, gram crackers, and apple sauce.

  • Doesn't like: ??? Right now he isn't too picky, up until recently he wasn't eatting food he had to chew very well, but in the last weeks, he's gotten a lot better about it.
  • Will mimic speach, but doesn't seem to use any words constant enough for me to regognize them. He does say "yeah" a lot though.

Parker is a fun kid and BOY do we love our little BOY.

***I'll post pictures later***

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mattress Shopping

Buying a mattress is a tricky thing. . . To the naked eye they are all white, and rectangular. Some may feel better than other for the 5 min you try them out, but how do you know it will feel good, or give you support you need for a whole nights sleep.

Troy bought our first mattress 5+ years ago, right before we got married. He said one of the cheapest ones felt the nicest. We had it delivered, and after we got married started putting it to use. It wasn't too long until it started to have divots where we would sleep, and it caved into the middle. Troy and I have a combined weight of 255lbs so we are not big people. The problem is we just bought a cheap mattress, and didn't know anything when we went shopping.

Recently TROY decided we needed a new mattress (I could care less, and could sleep on the floor all the same). This time Troy did some research. He found that 3 things matter when buying a mattress:
  1. Spring count
  2. Spring gauge
  3. Spring thickness
PROBLEM: Try asking someone at a furniture retail store about this, and you'll get an honest answer. . . I don't know????

SOLUTION: Shop around until you find someone who will answer these questions for you. We found a mattress company that was able to answer these questions.

We as consumers have responsibilities, if we don't demand info about products we are buying we won't get it, but if many people start demanding undisclosed information it will start becoming more available.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - Criminals 'skimming' account information at gas pumps - Criminals 'skimming' account information at gas pumps

SCARY - consumer warning

  • Today on the news they reported a story about two gas pumps in Sandy that were tampered with, in such a way, that people were able to steal your credit card info without you knowing. SOLUTION: Go inside and pay either with cash or credit, or just risk it and make sure you keep an eye on your statements.

  • On another note credit card companies are changing some of their benefits so make sure you understand and pay attention to any changes your credit cards may be doing. I recently canceled a credit card because I found out they decreased the grace period for new purchases to ZERO days. MEANING if I don't pay my bill on the date the billing cycle ends I will have to start paying interest, and I REFUSE to pay interest on anything besides my house.

The Life of an Optimist!!

I like to think of myself as an optimistic person. When things don't seem to be going good I'm usually able to find even the littlest bit of hope or I look at the situation in a light situation. This is my coping strategy.

This may sound like a good think? Or not? depending on your look in life. My problem with this is when people that have SERIOUS things happening in their life, and all I do is make jokes or try to make it sound like it isn't that big of a deal they don't appreciate it. I recognize my fault, but now for the next step of changing my strategy when dealing with others.

Monday, February 15, 2010

1 Year ago today

1 Year ago today I was doing something although I wouldn't recommend it, I'm still proud I actually did it.

For the record my back hurt for the next week, and I don't think it brought Parker here any quicker. . . Maybe it even scared him and is the reason he came 6 days after his due date.

Here's a copy of the post. . .

I got this idea at a friend's baby shower. It was mentioned as a joke, but I've tested it and it is possible. Although I don't know what long term consequences come from this activity. Remember I'm the girl who did push-ups a day after breaking my collar bone.

People at work have told me I do too much as a pregnant women. I have tried to continue to do things as long as I feel up to it. Honestly I feel the best when I'm doing something active. It is when I'm trying to relax that I feel the most PAIN. Last night Troy and I went swing dancing. I'm sure it was quite the sight seeing a 8 month pregnant women dancing. I can only imagine what my co-workers would say if they saw me do these stunts???

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parker's Funny Quarks

Being a parent is a wonderful blessing. Parker has some things he does that may be normal, or they may be unique. To me they are just part of the complete Parker package.
  • He loves to toss balls back and forth
  • He loves to play peek-a-boo
  • He loves to take baths
  • He loves to be surprised
  • He loves to take dishes out of the cupboards
  • He loves paper, remotes, pens and bathrooms :(
  • He loves bananas
  • He laughs just because we laugh
  • He greets everything with his mouth
  • He is happiest when we are in public, but usually happy
  • He is patient unless it involves being fed in which case he wants it NOW!!!
  • He plays by himself really well
  • He is really good at turning the pages of his board books
  • He gets excited when he sees things in order, and know he's NEEDed to spread it all around until not order can be detected
  • He never sneezes just once
  • He is definitely a morning person
  • He makes his parents SUPER HAPPY
There are days I can't wait for this little guy to wake-up. Other days I wonder why he's waking up at 5am and is ready to play, but he's happy just playing with his toys on the floor.

He's growing up so fast, and I feel like I can't hold on to the moments tight enough, but am so excited with every new development he makes.

Today Parker has seemed sick. In the past when Parker has been sick he has refused to take naps, and is CRANKY, but today he has slept more than normal, and has been really cuddly. I've really loved just sitting down with him and him putting his head against my chest.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Know You're Married To An Engineer When He . . .

*talks about resistors, and capacitors like they are good friends.

*gets gitty when he talks about making catapults.

*gets excited when ANYTHING breaks so he can take it apart, and put it back together.

*mentions he wants to take apart the 4 function solar powered calculator so he can experiment with the solar cell.

*can't wait for his MAKE Magazine to come in the mail.

*looks at your sewing project's pattern and refers to the instructions as a list of procedures, the supplies list as a bill of materials, and the fabric as building materials.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Game Review - Bandits

Name: Bandits Card Game
Manufacture: Buffalo Games Inc.
Players: 2-6
Age: 10+
Object: Get the most money

Troy and I bought this game last year around Christmas time, but didn't play it for the first time until yesterday when we finally read the rules and figured out how to play.

It is a fast, easy, fun game. I wish we would have taken the 5-10 min a year ago to learn how to play.

One great thing about this game is it can be played with 2 players. Many games work better if you have more than 2 people so it is nice to have a game that works well with only 2 players. I imagine when playing with more players it takes more strategy and becomes a little more complex.

This game is simple, and the learning curve is small. I would say this is a great game to bring to a family reunion because you can explain it quickly, and the game doesn't take too long so people aren't tied down for long periods of time once the game starts. For your turn you only have the choice to do one of three things (draw a card, stash money, or attack your opponent), and once you do that one thing your turn is over.

In some games you get to point where you can't do anything. One nice thing about this game is you are required to always have at least 6 cards in your hand so if any time you find yourself with less than 6 cards you get draw until you have 6. Its nice to get a fresh hand when your cards get taken from you, and it makes the fact that your cards just got stolen not quiet as bitter.

This game isn't exactly like any game I've ever played, but if I was forced to compare it to a game I would say it is somewhat like LOOT. If you like LOOT I think you will LOVE Bandits.

This game is also inexpensive. The one we have was bought at a game shop and has a tag on it for $7.98, however we were able to buy it on sale so I think it was around $5.

I would recommend this game if you like simple games that involve some strategy, but still rely on some chance.