Monday, February 15, 2010

1 Year ago today

1 Year ago today I was doing something although I wouldn't recommend it, I'm still proud I actually did it.

For the record my back hurt for the next week, and I don't think it brought Parker here any quicker. . . Maybe it even scared him and is the reason he came 6 days after his due date.

Here's a copy of the post. . .

I got this idea at a friend's baby shower. It was mentioned as a joke, but I've tested it and it is possible. Although I don't know what long term consequences come from this activity. Remember I'm the girl who did push-ups a day after breaking my collar bone.

People at work have told me I do too much as a pregnant women. I have tried to continue to do things as long as I feel up to it. Honestly I feel the best when I'm doing something active. It is when I'm trying to relax that I feel the most PAIN. Last night Troy and I went swing dancing. I'm sure it was quite the sight seeing a 8 month pregnant women dancing. I can only imagine what my co-workers would say if they saw me do these stunts???

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