Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mattress Shopping

Buying a mattress is a tricky thing. . . To the naked eye they are all white, and rectangular. Some may feel better than other for the 5 min you try them out, but how do you know it will feel good, or give you support you need for a whole nights sleep.

Troy bought our first mattress 5+ years ago, right before we got married. He said one of the cheapest ones felt the nicest. We had it delivered, and after we got married started putting it to use. It wasn't too long until it started to have divots where we would sleep, and it caved into the middle. Troy and I have a combined weight of 255lbs so we are not big people. The problem is we just bought a cheap mattress, and didn't know anything when we went shopping.

Recently TROY decided we needed a new mattress (I could care less, and could sleep on the floor all the same). This time Troy did some research. He found that 3 things matter when buying a mattress:
  1. Spring count
  2. Spring gauge
  3. Spring thickness
PROBLEM: Try asking someone at a furniture retail store about this, and you'll get an honest answer. . . I don't know????

SOLUTION: Shop around until you find someone who will answer these questions for you. We found a mattress company that was able to answer these questions.

We as consumers have responsibilities, if we don't demand info about products we are buying we won't get it, but if many people start demanding undisclosed information it will start becoming more available.

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