Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo

After school on Thursday the 24th I met Parker and our friends Niki, and Weston as The Hogle Zoo. Parker enjoyed being out of the house for the afternoon, and I enjoyed walking around the zoo.

We go to see the WAY CUTE baby elephant,

And the EQUALLY AS CUTE baby giraffe,
(We also saw the ADORABLE baby tigers, but I didn't take a picture of them)

The SCARY leopard

And we even took a ride on the train and got DANGEROUSLY close to some bison, and who's idea was it to forget the fence around them. OK so they were on the far side of the field but still. . . Where was the fence.

It was a great opportunity, and I can't wait to bring him back next year.

6 Months - Halfy Birthday

I can't believe how time has flown by these last few months. It sure has been fun to watch this little one learn and grow.

This month has been a fun one:

Parker has loved playing with friends almost every day while Mom goes to school.
He has become a champion roller and can now roll across the room.
He has scooted forward a few times (usually to get something he shouldn't have like the remote).
He can sit-up for brief periods.
Usually sleeps 6-8 hours straight at night.
Sleeps good during the day at least one day a week.
He is for the most part a happy kid.
He is also starting to get some little pearly whites. (It looks like he's getting 2 on the bottom)
He is now getting big enough that I no longer enjoy carrying him in the front carrier.
We still aren't sure what color his eyes will be, right now they are a blue-brown combo.
He has learned to love jumping.

To celebrate Parker making it to 1/2 a year we gave him "solid" food.

He did really good with the food. It was like we couldn't get it to his mouth quick enough. He also really liked holding on to the spoon. We finally had to get him a spoon to play with so he wouldn't go crazy when we kept taking the spoon away from him.

I have to admit I have mixed emotions about this. I really enjoy nursing Parker. At times it is hard but for the most part I've had a good experience. At the same time, it sure is nice to get a little relief and know I can be gone for longer than 2 hours and Parker would be fine.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Grandpa Max

July 9, 1926 -- September 1, 2009

Troy's Grandpa's earthly mission is complete, but his memory will live on. Parker seemed to know what was going on better then we did. I was getting so frustrated with him the night of Grandpa's passing, because I he was being so fussy. It wasn't until later that night we found out grandpa had passed. I'm grateful we were able to visit with him not too long ago and got these pictures of him holding Parker.

Memories of Grandpa:
*Always "dressed up"
*Always happy
*Always had a punny line (Troy has a similar since of humor)
*Always had ice cream, and as you would eat it he would warn you, "You better watch out it might get in your mouth."
*Very Friendly

I remember going into his workshop and was fascinated by the bags of sawdust, I always wanted to take it home and put it into a big pile and jump into it like a pile of leaves. My dad somehow would always convince me that I didn't need to.

I will alway share the mission experience in Ireland, they served a church education system mission there 10 years before I did. I actualy remember singing "We will bring the world his truth (Armies of Helaman)", that song has been my favorite childrens hymn ever since.

While my grandparents lived in there old house there never was a visit without ice cream, Grandpa was always the one to scoop out the ice cream.

When we would eat over (maybe it was before ice cream) we woulod have to wash our hands, and when we were realy little grandpa would help, especially for drying our hands. Grandpa would hold the towel over his open hands and when I would put my hand in the town he would rub our hands vigorously until they were dry.

Every birthday Grandpa (and Grandma) would take us to lunch, our time of one on one [two]. It was even more special due to us rarely ever going out to eat as a family. We would always (when we were really little) go get a "Whopper" from burger king, Grandpa always said they were the best burgers.

Grandpa was a car man, he always would notice the cars make and models around him, and always drove.

he had "golden plates" that he made, I'm guessing for seminary, and showed us grandkids at a family night with all of the grandkids.

Whenever we would get a glass of water he would use the same line of "be careful it will get your mouth wet"

We are happy that families can be together forever.