Thursday, September 24, 2009

6 Months - Halfy Birthday

I can't believe how time has flown by these last few months. It sure has been fun to watch this little one learn and grow.

This month has been a fun one:

Parker has loved playing with friends almost every day while Mom goes to school.
He has become a champion roller and can now roll across the room.
He has scooted forward a few times (usually to get something he shouldn't have like the remote).
He can sit-up for brief periods.
Usually sleeps 6-8 hours straight at night.
Sleeps good during the day at least one day a week.
He is for the most part a happy kid.
He is also starting to get some little pearly whites. (It looks like he's getting 2 on the bottom)
He is now getting big enough that I no longer enjoy carrying him in the front carrier.
We still aren't sure what color his eyes will be, right now they are a blue-brown combo.
He has learned to love jumping.

To celebrate Parker making it to 1/2 a year we gave him "solid" food.

He did really good with the food. It was like we couldn't get it to his mouth quick enough. He also really liked holding on to the spoon. We finally had to get him a spoon to play with so he wouldn't go crazy when we kept taking the spoon away from him.

I have to admit I have mixed emotions about this. I really enjoy nursing Parker. At times it is hard but for the most part I've had a good experience. At the same time, it sure is nice to get a little relief and know I can be gone for longer than 2 hours and Parker would be fine.


Laura said...

What a darling little baby boy! I love that first picture and how happy he is.

sweets said...

growing so fast wow!