Saturday, May 21, 2011

Max SLEEPS!!!!

Max is a very chill kid. To the point Troy once said, "I hope he has the motivation to go to college."

Well I think he knows all about goals and making deals.

I told him when we got home from the hospital I didn't mind feeding him every 2 hours during the day, but in return, at night I only want him to eat every 4 hours, and sleep in-between feedings.

Guess what . . . that is exactly what I got last night :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Introducing Our Max Man

Introducing our newest edition:

Max J. Rueckert

Born: Sunday, May 15th @ 5:11 pm

8lbs 1oz

21 1/2 inches long

Max's Birth Story

I was lucky to have a fairly easy pregnancy. I went to my 39 week appointment and was told he was still really high. The doctor recommended I just walk a lot to get the baby to move down. I walked 3 miles for the next two days and then about a mile the next two days. I also started drinking 1 cup of raspberry leaf tea every day. The day before Max was born I started putting in my garden and then Troy and I went to his work's recognition night which included dancing. We danced about 4 dances before I decided I had done enough.

That doesn't tell the whole story though you see starting Friday I noticed I was leaking fluid. At first I thought the baby just dropped so my bladder had extra pressure. However by Sunday I decided I better at least go to the hospital to at least have it checked out.

We sent Parker to church with a neighbor, and then headed to the hospital for testing. Upon getting the results back it was determined the fluid was amniotic fluid. My doctor was at the hospital delivering another baby so when she came in and finished breaking my water, and then they started me on pitocin at about 1:30.

Troy needed to leave to figure out what to do with Parker. We had made arrangements for Troy's parents to take him while we were at the hospital, but we couldn't get a hold of them because they were at church. We also still had his car seat, and his bags in our car. I told Troy earlier rather than later would be the best time to leave. So he left . . .

While Troy was gone my contractions started to get more intense. I just wanted him to get back, and help me through the contractions. Troy got back around 3:30 and soon after the anaesthesiologist came in to give me the epidural. I was really glad Troy was there while I was getting the epidural. I might have yelled at the poor man if I hadn't had the support of Troy.

Once the epidural kicked in I was able to actually enjoy life again. The epidural was great. I was still able to move my legs, and even had some sense of feeling, but I didn't feel the contractions. I expected the epidural to stop progress like it did when I had one with Parker, but was pleasantly surprised when I continued to progress. At about 5pm the nurse checked me and told me I was ready to start pushing. After my doctor came in they had me start pushing. I was told to push twice during my first contraction, and then 4 times during the next contraction, and Max was here. The whole thing was WAY quicker then I was expecting.

Mom enjoying holding Max in my arms

Dad holding Max

I felt really good after the delivery, and even felt good enough to go to the first bath. The hospital was OK. I got really tired of them coming in every two hours to get vitals, clean the room, or bring me food. I wish we would have left before our 2nd night I think we would have been able to relax more at home.

Parker visiting the hospital

Since returning home Max has been a gem. He cries to be fed or have his diaper changed, but is so easily consoled.

Max sleeping in his bed at home

Parker is still adjusting to the change. I think he likes the baby, but he's also acting out. He likes to go check the babies bed to see him. He occasionally gets interested in him and will rub his head, but for the most part he has kept his distance. It has been nice to have Troy home for the week so I can play with Parker while Troy is holding Max.

The first time Parker held Max

Monday, May 9, 2011

39 Weeks- Keeping Busy, Pampering

Now that I'm done with the semester I have found new things to keep me busy. I'm trying to get our yard ready for a garden, getting stuff ready for the new baby, and spending time pampering myself.

I have been out weeding our flowerbeds, and garden areas. I try and do most of it with the spading fork so I don't have to bend down too much. It is getting close to being ready to plant some AWESOME veggies. I was hoping to finish up in the next couple days, but since it will be rainy the next couple days I don't think it will get done until Wednesday or Thursday. O-well in the next few days I can work on cleaning the house, and starting some redecorating to one of our bathrooms.

I still need to pack the hospital bag, and get the car seat base installed in our car, but I now have all the baby clothes washed, the bassinet set up, and Parker's bag packed.

In the last week I went swimming, which was AWESOME. I want to go again this week if we find we have time. It was nice being in the water and not feel pregnant. Parker was really timid at first, but after I threw him up and caught him a few times he started to love it. We taught him how to climb out of the pool on his own. He loved jumping back in off the side into one of our arms.

I also went and got a pedicure and manicure. Personally I could do with out the manicure, but I believe a pedicure is an absolute for anyone that is pregnant. For some this can get the baby to come, but that didn't happen for me, but it was such an enjoyable experience, and now I have blue sparkly toes.

We also have had the opportunity to go hang out with some friends, that included hot dog roasting over a fire. It was fun to be able to just relax, and visit for the evening.

During this next week Troy and I are planning on doing some "light" dancing. Troy's work has an awards banquet and as part of it they will have a band and a dance floor. I don't know how much dancing will actually happen by us, but as long as we aren't enjoying a new baby we will be there, and at least attempting to dance.

I've also been receiving some really nice comments from people lately. Many people don't realize how nice it is to hear "You look so good!" when you are pregnant. I really appreciate my friends, family and strangers who have said that to me.

At my doctors appointment today I was told I was a "2" and the baby still hasn't dropped, and my cervix is still really thick. My doctor suggested I walk a lot to get the baby to move down and start helping the cervix to thin. If you ask me my uterus is super cozy and my kids just love it.

For the last few days I've felt GREAT!!! I will try to enjoy every moment I have with this pregnancy, and with Parker until the baby comes. I want to enjoy just having one kid for as long as God, and baby #2 thinks is necessary.