Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Trying to decide what to do for Troy on Valentine's Day is always a struggle for me. This year I had the "perfect" idea. Troy gets up WAY earlier than me so he can be ready to leave the house around 6am when his carpools comes to pick him up. He loves eating breakfast, but some morning he decides he'd rather sleep a little longer so he ends up not having time to eat anything before he leaves.

My idea was to get up and make a batch of banana muffins. This way he would be able to sleep in if he wished and be able to just grab a couple muffins as he ran out the door. I ended up not sleeping well, because I was so worried I wouldn't wake up early enough. I finally started making the muffins around 5am. I was working away when I heard Troy talking in the bedroom. At the same time I went to go see who he was talking to he come to investigate the noise in the kitchen. We met in the hallway where he said, "Yep, it is just my wife." He had a really freaked out look on his face. I knew EXACTLY who he was talking to. It kinda made me giggle a little. He had thought I was intruder and had called 9-1-1.

He ended up not being able to sleep after that so he ended up going to work really tired, making his day long.

I gave him a hard time about not taking the time to look to his side to see if I was in bed before calling 911, when he pointed out often I get up in the middle of the night and go down stairs to read or whatever so even if I wasn't there it wouldn't have ruled out the possibility of an intruder.

Troy said before calling the police he was going to come investigate with his Hurley stick, but decided if the person had a gun he wouldn't fair so well. He said, "maybe I should get a gun." I said, "Yeah, then you can shoot your wife instead of just beat her."

We ended the night by putting Parker to bed a little early and getting a to-go order from Bucca Di Peppo and a double cream blueberry pie from Marie Calendars. It was delicious and relaxing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BOY, but at least he's SWEET about it

I love it when people ask me if it is normal for a kid to do ___________ (fill in the blank). I say it is for Parker. This is the joy of not having another kid to compare him to.

Boys are know for being rough - Here's Parker's way of being NORMAL!

The other day he was playing with some cars. Before this time he would just drive the cars around on the carpet or around object (including mom). On this particular day he started ramming the cars into each other. . .head on. I watched for a while, before saying be soft with your toys. He continued to ram the cars together. So I decided to show him a better way to play with them. We pushed the cars back and forth. We each had a car and on the count of 3 we would roll our car to the other person. He had fun for a while, but then he decided it would be more fun if the cars hit each other instead of innocently passing by each other. I thought O-great the age of destruction is here. That is when I noticed whenever the cars hit each other he would pick up the cars find the front and give them each a KISS.

I love Parker kisses, and I bet his cars and trucks do too.