Saturday, February 28, 2009

37 Weeks - Basketball vs Belly

(Sorry for the nudity, but there was no other way)

My favorite saying, "Baby is growing and so is mommy, even if mommy doesn't want to."

This is a standard basketball. I had the misconception we should use the smaller women's ball to compare size. NOPE looks like this kids is the size of a full size basketball.

I don't quiet feel ready to have this baby yet. I'm enjoying every moment of the pregnancy and the sleep I am getting right now. It is not the type of sleep I used to get, but I'm sure it's better then what I'll get once the baby comes. And for all it's worth the baby is protected and safe.

I am getting excited to meet the little one. This baby has been very well behaved. I have carried this baby very high and have only gotten a few painful kicks in my ribs. Maybe with the genetics of a 5'1" mom and a 5'5" dad it can't reach them. I've also been able to keep up my energy level through this last little bit. I just hope Baby isn't patient and will check out by the check out time. March 16th is coming full speed ahead.

Don't forget to put in you prediction of what gender Baby Rueckert will be. Time is running out.

Cabin Fever

On Saturday, February the 21st, Troy and I had the opportunity to go with some great friends to their cabin. It was really fun and just what I needed. Our friends went up Friday, but because of the baby shower we just went up Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday morning.

When we got there we ate some amazing German pancakes before heading out to go sledding. We would sled down this road that was o-so perfect and then get a lift back to the top with on their snow mobile. This is totally the way to do sledding any time, especially when you are pregnant. It made going down that much funner, there was no climbing back up.

For me the cabin time was perfect. I had such a hard week at work (or maybe it was the hula hooping), and was in constant pain sometimes to the point I wanted to cry. At the cabin I was able to relax, and ended feeling fabulous.

Thanks to Marie for a perfect weekend get-a-way, and the wonderful Snuggli.

Baby Shower #2

On Friday the 20th of February I was able to get with some great friends, and neighbors from my childhood and high school. I took my camera so I could take pictures, but then left it in my car. Honestly I don't know if I would have remembered to take any pictures any ways.

It was great seeing such a great turn out. I wasn't sure what to expect. Many of the people invited I hadn't seen for years so I wasn't sure if they would come or not, but was happy to see so many people. There were even some people there I used to babysit. FUN!!!

While at the shower one women showed me how to fold baby socks and wash cloths REALLY REALLY fast. All I need to do I have 7 kids and I too may be that fast some day.

It was so great seeing everyone, and being able to share a night of this special time in my life with them.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

36 Weeks - Can't be too long especially after this.

I got this idea at a friend's baby shower. It was mentioned as a joke, but I've tested it and it is possible. Although I don't know what long term consequences come from this activity. Remember I'm the girl who did push-ups a day after breaking my collar bone.

People at work have told me I do too much as a pregnant women. I have tried to continue to do things as long as I feel up to it. Honestly I feel the best when I'm doing something active. It is when I'm trying to relax that I feel the most PAIN. Last night Troy and I went swing dancing. I'm sure it was quite the sight seeing a 8 month pregnant women dancing. I can only imagine what my co-workers would say if they saw me do these stunts???

Saturday, February 7, 2009

1st Shower

I had my first baby showers. My great co-works worked hard to set up a pot luck surprise baby shower for me. They were wonderful and supplied me with some great things for the baby. The food was great too, even if I did eat way too many cookies. I work with some wonderful people.