Saturday, February 28, 2009

37 Weeks - Basketball vs Belly

(Sorry for the nudity, but there was no other way)

My favorite saying, "Baby is growing and so is mommy, even if mommy doesn't want to."

This is a standard basketball. I had the misconception we should use the smaller women's ball to compare size. NOPE looks like this kids is the size of a full size basketball.

I don't quiet feel ready to have this baby yet. I'm enjoying every moment of the pregnancy and the sleep I am getting right now. It is not the type of sleep I used to get, but I'm sure it's better then what I'll get once the baby comes. And for all it's worth the baby is protected and safe.

I am getting excited to meet the little one. This baby has been very well behaved. I have carried this baby very high and have only gotten a few painful kicks in my ribs. Maybe with the genetics of a 5'1" mom and a 5'5" dad it can't reach them. I've also been able to keep up my energy level through this last little bit. I just hope Baby isn't patient and will check out by the check out time. March 16th is coming full speed ahead.

Don't forget to put in you prediction of what gender Baby Rueckert will be. Time is running out.


Collett Family said...

What a funny picture. Don't worry, with as active as you are, you will jump back to your normal size in no time at all. I remember feeling so excited to meet my little one, but also wondering if I was ready at the same time. There really is no way to prepare to be a mom - you just have to do it. You and your baby sort of grow into each other.

I didn't realize that you don't what you are having. That is fun. Good luck. I am sure you will be a fantastic mom.

Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

That is so crazy that the baby is that big. It is almost as big as you;) Can't wait to see the little tyke when he/she is born:)

RuSty and LaLa said...

Hey guys Sparkle told us about your blog. I think your basketball is bigger than mine. Rightfully so considering "HE" is a month ahead of ours. Rusty and I voted for a boy.
Have fun at the shower!

Colleen said...

This special kind of basketball is: long lasting, brings lots of joy, superior quality, you'll win some & lose some during the teen years, may crash & burn on occassion, and is irreplaceable.