Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's A Boy

It is official
HE is a boy!!!

Name: PARKER ALBERT RUECKERT (because we named him this I found out the birth certificate person at the hospital knew Troy's dad in high school -- Albert is Troy's grandpa's name)

Weight: A hearty 8lbs 4oz (I've been saying this whole time, "I refuse to give birth to anything over 8lbs," but I'm sure this is not the 1st time he will show me up" I honestly didn't think my little body could do it, but BOO RAH momma is tough - but sore). As the doctor was stitching me up I asked when I could run a marathon, she gave me a look of horror and said 6 weeks. I said, "Great I'll sign-up for one," she really got concerned and said, "I think you'll need some time to train." I have been given the OK to walk in a week or so, but have promised no running until after I get an OK.

Length: 20in long.

Born on: Sunday 3/22 @ 10:59 pm (I figured at 4:30 am when I started having labor pains that we would have a Sunday baby, but didn't know he was going to cut it so close).

Funniest moment: After he was born both mom and dad were so wow'd by the whole experience that neither thought to look to see if we had a boy or girl. About 5 min after the birth a nurse finally said. "Hey, wait was that a boy or a girl." We had joked before hand after he is born when people ask what we had we would say, "I don't know, we didn't find out." I didn't know it might actually happen.

2nd Funniest moment: Watching our WONDERFUL FRIEND (we won't embarrass with a name) experience his first pee. WONDERFUL FRIEND know both mom and dad have now had similar experiences. The only difference both of ours happened at home, and we couldn't just call the nurse to come clean it up.

We love him and are excited for our future family with Parker as the big brother.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The other day I was innocently eating a grapefruit. Troy looked over at me an laughed. At first I asked, "Why are you laughing at me?" I then looked down and imagined what he saw and as well started to laugh.

I couldn't help myself, I can't bend down to be closer to the bowl, and this belly was at just the right height for what I needed. I've been told I'm going to miss my little "shelf" and this is just one thing I'll have to get used to.

Troy has been really funny lately. He has been telling the baby it is time to come (sometimes he even tells my uterus its time to let the baby out), and every time I grimace he wonders if I'm in labor. We both want the baby to come soon. Up until about 2 days ago I was more scared of delivery than I was excited for the baby to come so I was alright with the baby waiting until I realized I have to go through the pain no matter what; now I just want the baby to come so I can step into the next stage of my life. So many people have given me ideas on how to get labor started. I've tried some, but for the most part they don't sound that appealing so I don't even consider them. I'd rather be pumped with pitocin rather than castrol oil. For now I will just keep walking my 2 miles each day and hope the baby comes soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Last night our baby was really active so Troy pulled out the camera to try to catch the movement. Our batteries died about 15 sec into the video, but you get the idea.

I know more nudity, but just like last time there is no better way.

I hope you are able to see the movement good. I really liked watching this because I only get to see the top of my belly move, so this is not a view I'm used to getting. It has been so fun watching this little body get stronger over the last couple of months.

I've told the baby it can come out whenever it wants, and have assured it that there is more space to wiggle out here, but still the baby hasn't made any really indication it is taking me up on the invitation.

Tomorrow is my due date. I've decided although I'm OK with going over it is just like running a race and thinking you are running into the straight-away of your last lap of 2 mile race just to find out you really have another lap until you are done.

Baby Shower Round-Up

Well the 3rd and 4th baby showers have come and gone. (I know this baby is spoiled)

The 3rd baby shower was from Troy's family. We had a salad bar lunch, and tied baby quilts for the Humanitarian Center. It was great being able to give something that we have in abundance to others who have nothing. I'm so grateful we have all the necessities and many of the luxuries of life.

The 4th and final baby shower was one for my family and a few friends. My mom's cousin Elaine threw the shower, but sadly was sick the night of the shower so after all her hard work she stayed in the basement while we partied. I hope see gets better quickly. At the shower we also tied a baby quilt, ate yummy cake and ice cream, and had some great visiting with each other.

I'm so grateful for such supportive family on both sides of our family. I love all my families. Our baby is loved not just by mommy and daddy, but also many aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends.