Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parker's at 1-YEAR

At one year Parker is a joy most of the time, and even when he's not the journey is worth it.

  • His eye color - depends on the light, but seem to be a light brown with a little blue most of the time. But if you look at them from the right angle and light they look blue.

  • Is really good at throwing fits

  • Sometimes forgets he's no longer connected to mom by an inbilical cord

  • Seems to have a good immune system

  • Loves to be outside (THANK GOD for the warmer lately)

  • Really likes to toss a ball back and forth

  • Likes to walk along furniture, walls, or with the help of mom & dad

  • Loves remotes and telephones (and seems to know what they are used for)

  • Is really good at doing the "more" sign (he even curls his fingers in)

  • Is a little confused on the "finished" sign (he just starts throwing his food on the floor)

  • Loves to wave and clap

  • Has 6 teeth (he hasn't gotten any teeth since Christmas)

  • Loves to eat: bananas, mac & cheese, peas, gram crackers, and apple sauce.

  • Doesn't like: ??? Right now he isn't too picky, up until recently he wasn't eatting food he had to chew very well, but in the last weeks, he's gotten a lot better about it.
  • Will mimic speach, but doesn't seem to use any words constant enough for me to regognize them. He does say "yeah" a lot though.

Parker is a fun kid and BOY do we love our little BOY.

***I'll post pictures later***


RuSty and LaLa said...

Still waiting for pictures. It was fun to see you guys. Sorry you lost your camera. I lost my phone on that trip.

Andrea said...

You are so good at informing people of things in your blog. Good warnings!

It's almost time to go running again. Are you ready?