Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parker's Funny Quarks

Being a parent is a wonderful blessing. Parker has some things he does that may be normal, or they may be unique. To me they are just part of the complete Parker package.
  • He loves to toss balls back and forth
  • He loves to play peek-a-boo
  • He loves to take baths
  • He loves to be surprised
  • He loves to take dishes out of the cupboards
  • He loves paper, remotes, pens and bathrooms :(
  • He loves bananas
  • He laughs just because we laugh
  • He greets everything with his mouth
  • He is happiest when we are in public, but usually happy
  • He is patient unless it involves being fed in which case he wants it NOW!!!
  • He plays by himself really well
  • He is really good at turning the pages of his board books
  • He gets excited when he sees things in order, and know he's NEEDed to spread it all around until not order can be detected
  • He never sneezes just once
  • He is definitely a morning person
  • He makes his parents SUPER HAPPY
There are days I can't wait for this little guy to wake-up. Other days I wonder why he's waking up at 5am and is ready to play, but he's happy just playing with his toys on the floor.

He's growing up so fast, and I feel like I can't hold on to the moments tight enough, but am so excited with every new development he makes.

Today Parker has seemed sick. In the past when Parker has been sick he has refused to take naps, and is CRANKY, but today he has slept more than normal, and has been really cuddly. I've really loved just sitting down with him and him putting his head against my chest.


Melarie Wheat said...

ha ha, i love it. it does sound a lot like Julia too. Has he figured out how to flush the toilet yet?

Andrea said...

I love having babies this age!
Oh, I hope Parker is feeling better. It's pretty sweet when they just want to cuddle like that, but it's no fun when they are miserable.