Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Like His Mom. . .

Today I tried to put some brown corduroy pants on Parker. He was in already in a bad mood when I started dressing him so I had to use all 4 limbs and my growing belly to pin Parker down and get the pants on him. After dressing him I was attempting to get everything ready to leave the house and he continued to cry. Soon he brought in a pair of blue jeans and motioned he wanted me to put those pants on him. I refused, since I was busy getting other things together, and he already had on the essential one pair of pants. Soon I saw him attempting to put the pair of pants on himself, however he missed the memo of taking off the offending pair of pants so the task became rather impossible. I let him cry and struggle for awhile before making his day and changing the his pants for him. At first I thought this is just the start of this wonderful terrible 2 stage we are in then I remembered a time when I wasn't much older than Parker. My mom was trying to put some brown polyester pants on me that I HATED. I cried the whole time she was putting them on me and then when she was done I changed my own clothes so I wouldn't have to wear those ugly brown pants. After that my mom let me dress myself.

The brown pants
(before he decided he didn't like them)

Maybe Parker and I just have a similar taste in clothes.

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