Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have hope . . .

Parker will be a GREAT big brother.

  • If he takes a toy from another kids and the kid throws a fit he nicely gives the toy back, and says, "Here you go."

  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES babies. At church he is constantly looking at and pointing out all the babies in the chapel.

  • He loves to look at, hug and kiss my belly. The other night he even pointed at my belly and told me the baby was stuck :).

  • He cuddles his baby doll so tenderly.
I'm still expecting a transition period when he realizes the little baby will always be around and will even have needs that I'll need to attend to, but I'm hopeful he will love having a baby around.

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Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

Parker will be such a cute brother. It is adorable that he loves babies. We will have to introduce our babies since they will only be a couple weeks apart.