Tuesday, April 5, 2011

34 weeks - My Half Way Mark (Almost)

I've been pretty lucky to have pretty easy pregnancies. I figure for me the last 10 weeks is really the hardest so I've declared 35 weeks my half way mark.

Just this weeks bending over has become rather impossible at times, and uncomfortable every time. For church, I'm torn between putting nylons on or shaving my legs but I think I've decided shaving is less painful then putting the nylons on and then wearing them throughout the day. And if I shave my legs then I can wear capri pants during the weeks. Now we just need consistently warm weather :).

This baby seems a lot more active than Parker did. I swear he has enrolled in a 9pm - 4am tumbling class. Luckily I'm a pretty solid sleeper so I can sleep through most of it.

However my sleep in being disrupted because I get too hot. I usually sleep well from 10pm-3am, and am up for a few hours. This makes me REALLY tired. I figure I'll be getting a lot less sleep then this once the baby comes so I'll enjoy 5 straight hours for now.

If the myths are correct I suspect this baby to have less hair than Parker. I remember with Parker taking antacids practically every night. With this pregnancy I only talk them occasionally.

Another thing I haven't experienced as much with this pregnancy is leg cramps. With Parker I would wake up often with my calf muscles bundled in tight knots. A few times I would have to jump out of bed to stretch them out. However I haven't had to do that once yet (knock on wood).

I just had my doctor's appointment, she said everything looked good. She said my size was good. She actually said I'm measuring a little small, but nothing to be concerned of. I told her I didn't feel like I was small. She said it is because the baby is all in the front, rather than being distributed to by sides.

We haven't picked out a name yet. . . we've started talking a lot more about this. Troy and I really like one name, but I told him we can't name him it, because Troy has too many cousins with that name, so I think we might use it as a middle name. I also think we have a front runner for the first name, but at this point that could change. However if we do end up naming him these names he will have the same initials as a grandpa whom he may end up sharing a birthday with.

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