Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday 2 Parker

We celebrated Parker's 2nd Birthday a few weeks ago. We had the grandparents over for some cake and ice cream, and they spoiled him greatly, with books, toys and most importantly attention.

I had Troy's family help me bow up some balloons. Parker was in heaven with around 30 balloons to play around with.
I wanted to get Parker a wooden train set. I figured it was a toy that could grow with Parker. He's mostly just interested in the train cars right now. The track is a little neglected, but I'm sure that will change as he gets older.

Our good friend gave him this ride on 4-wheeler to Parker. She said she had to, because she knew Troy and I wouldn't ever get him something like this. She right, but man he LOVES it.

Parker at 2:
  • Doesn't say a lot of things I understand.
  • He loves to sing . . . Once There Was A Snowman, and The Wheels on the Bus
  • He loves to play with cars and balls
  • He loves babies
  • He has started climbing - a few days ago I caught him on top of a bookcase that is in his room.
  • He sleeps really well (11 hrs at night, and a 2 hr nap)
  • He loves to brush his teeth
  • He loves Sesame Street
Parker has been a joy in our home over the last 2 years. I'm so glad we have him as part of our family.


sweets said...

Wow! i didnt know he was 2 yet. they grow up so fast. Happy Birthday Parker.

Lisa Marie said...

Happy Birthday Parker! Sorry we missed it :(