Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tour of Our Lemon-aid Stand

As requested here is a tour of our new house (AKA our lemon-aid stand). We hope to paint it in a few years to a more mellow color.

Front View
Front Room (it will probably be empty for a while)
Entry Way (I must say I love the tile that goes all the way to the kitchen, but not a fan that the kitchen sink is so visible from the front door).
Dining Area
Upstairs Bathroom
Master Bedroom

Office/Spare Bedroom

Parker's Room


Family Room
Creative/Game/Play Area

Laundry/Storage/Sewing Room

Spare Bedroom

3/4 Bathroom (it doesn't look this good in real life)
Backyard (With our friend Gabe who we are tending)

Now that we are more settled we are really loving the place. I'm enjoying having so much open space. We still have a lot of work to do, but we will have plenty of time to get everything we want done in the coming years.

Thanks to all who helped make this move possible. We appreciate those who helped by moving our things, watching Parker, and cleaning both the new place and the old place. We feel blessed to have such great friends.


sweets said...

I love the house it looks so nice.
great job with troys hair it looks good.

Colleen said...

It's cute, comfy & close. I'll be over or call if you need a sitter in a pinch.