Friday, July 24, 2009

4 Months

Parker became 4 months old on Thursday the 22nd of July.

The last months has been a fun filled one he has learned and grown a lot.

He has gotten really good at sharing his smile with others.

He has gotten really good with his hands. He now holds his own toys. He has even grabbed at my face.

He loves to put everything in his mouth (toys, blankets, hands, and toes).

He still doesn't sleep well during the day, but he is sleeping ok at night. He usually only wakes once each night, and once his belly is full he goes right back to sleep. Also I'm not sure if it is the heat, or just him growing, but he no longer needs to be swaddled to sleep.

We gave him his gift 2 weeks early when we bought him his own bedroom (I don't know if this was more for him or us). We also upgraded from his bassinet to a crib. It was a little rough the first night until I got used to listening a little closer for his cry.


=) said...

Oh, how adorable!

Laura said...

What a cutie! Such a good idea with him in the picture frame matte. I love all of his smiles - such a happy baby!

Colleen said...

It's a bit of a trauma when they leave your room for their own digs & even worse when they leave home. Trust me. Not to worry, it's years from now.