Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Binky Battle

Parker loves his binky

Parker started out with a unruly desire to suck. I didn't want him to suck his thumb, because I figured when the time came for him to give up the sucking I could take away a binky, but I couldn't take away his thumb.

It took a while for him to keep the binky in his mouth by himself. We usually would have to hold it in so his little tongue didn't pop it out. He eventually got to the point he would hold it in himself, and it rarely popped out.

Recently he got to the point where he seemed to really love this little binky. It would give him great comfort. At night I would put him to sleep, and just put the binky in his crib with him. He would usually find it and start sucking away. If he would wake in the middle of the night he would cry for a short period of time, and then find his binky and go back to sleep.

Most recently he has decided if he throws the binky out of his crib he can just cry and cry and cry, and we willl come to his rescue. He did this for a few days, and then I decided he's just going to have to learn how to go on without it. Normally I wouldn't worry about a almost 8 month old having a binky, but given the situation I saw no other way.

The first two night were REALLY REALLY LONG. The first night I fed him at about 3am and then laid him back in bed. (Normally this is when he would find his binky, and fall asleep). He started to cry. I tried to let him just cry, but after an hour of crying, and then hearing him start to cough I went and comforted him. The next night he started to cry and I went in there and tried to hold him and comfort him, but he wanted nothing of that sort. Eventually I fed him and held him some more until he went to sleep.

Last night. . . . he slept over 8 hours and then I fed him, and he went right back to sleep. YIPEEE SKIPPY

I'm guessing our problem isn't over, but last night sure was delightful!!!!


sweets said...

not a fun battle but its worth it in the end.

Laura said...

I'm glad he was good for you last night! Hopefully you get another good night. :) Ella loves her binky, but now that she has teeth, she rips them apart. Maybe I should break her ... but I just can't get myself to do it until she goes to nursery. :)

Collett Family said...

Whenever you make the change (binkie, bottle, etc), it makes for a couple of long nights. The hard nights are worth it in the end it you can stick to your guns (which is sometimes really hard). Good job!