Wednesday, December 30, 2009

9 Months - First Christmas

It sure was fun seeing how Parker would react to our Christmas traditions.

I brought him to see Santa on the Tuesday before Christmas. The line to see Santa was long, but he just jabbered the whole time. Upon getting to Santa I put him on Santa's lap. I wasn't surprised when he handled himself well. I was however surprised that he didn't try to pull Santa's beard or hair. I told Santa he wanted his two front teeth for Christmas.

See Santa I need my other tooth

Christmas Eve Parker broke two teeth. So now he has a total of 5 teeth. He is learning to use his little chompers. I just wish he would reserve it for food and not my neck, arm, knee, etc.

On Christmas morning Santa brought just what Parker wanted....

PAPER, BOXES, & . . . window washer fluid.

There were a few gifts that said Parker's name on them. He for the most part didn't want anything to do with them.


sweets said...

way cute! thats how first Christmas go. next year he will be more excited. just wate till he is 4 he will be dragging you out of bed.

RuSty and LaLa said...

what a cutie. Getting soooo big!

Laura said...

How cute! I can't believe how fast time flies--it seems like you just had him. ;)