Friday, March 16, 2012

Max - 9 & 10 Months

(No . . . he isn't close to walking I had to strategically place the truck next to the wall so it wouldn't get away from him)

Both these kids love baths

Green smoothy - YUM!!!

At nine months I brought Max to the doctors. At the doctor's appointment they had me feel out a developmental questionnaire. I was instructed to stop when I got to 3 NO's. Well the first three questions were: Does he get to sitting position? -NO, Does he pull himself to standing position? - NO, and Does he say Ma Ma and Da Da (Not necessarily with proper association)? - NO. I'm not sure what the question after that were, because I was done according to their instructions.
Then the Resident training with my doctor came in to check Max out. She got his measurements and at the end showed me his chart. She indicated that she was a little worried because he seemed to have leveled off on growing. I don't remember what the measurements were, but he was in the 5th and 3rd percentiles for weight and height. She wasn't too worried about it, but said it is something they would keep an eye on, but then when she showed the numbers to the actual doctor she ordered that I bring Max in for a weight check in 6 weeks. I'm not too worried about his weight. I find comfort in his rolls of fat. He is REALLY short, but I think that is just a reflection of his 5'1" mom and 5'5" dad.

A week after the appointment Max was saying Ma Ma and Da Da, and getting to both sitting and standing on his own. Also in the last month he has started climbing stairs, doing a more standard crawling, and cruising along the furniture. He has also gone from 2 teeth to 5 with one more to follow shortly.

It is a riot watching Max and Parker wrestle. Surprisingly Max holds his own against Parker, and usually is on top.

He seems somewhat picky when it comes to food. He will pick out what he doesn't like and throw it on the ground. I did introduce him to peanut butter recently which he, like his mom and brother, seems to LOVE.

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