Saturday, January 31, 2009

Troy and the M & M

This is my favorite story about my husband. It is completely true and does a great job of describing just how he is.

A few years ago Troy went home teaching to some friends that just lived in the apartment building next to us. While he was there they gave him a partially eatten large bag of plain M&Ms. The family decided they were tired of them, and Troy being the great home teacher he was jumped at the oppurtunity to help them out with this "need" of theirs.

He brought the M&Ms home and over the next several weeks possibly even months we both would eat some here and there. I'm not a huge plain chocolate fan or else they would have been eaten quicker. Troy likes chocolate, but he also likes to savor anything he likes. When most people eat M&M's they take a small hand full pop them in their mouth and start chewing. When Troy eats M&M's he takes them one at a time puts the M&M in his mouth and savors every gain of sugar. After a while of enjoying these M&Ms Troy went to go get a few. He grabbed out as many M&Ms as he wanted to savor and realize there were only 3 M&Ms left in the bag.

Any "normal" person would have just taken those 3 plain little M&Ms and started munching on them. Troy isn't normal so when he looked at those 3 M&M's he saw at least 30 minuts of savoring time. He said, "I think I'll save these for later." He then went and grabbed a little sandwich baggie and deposited the M&Ms in it, and put them back in the cupboard.

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