Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 Months - Harvesting our pumpkin

Our monthly tradition is to take pictures of Parker. This month I decided to bring him to Garner Village to take some pictures of him with their wonderful Halloween decorations as the background. I told our friends about it and after their son fell in love with a pumpkin costume we decided we would go together.

Parker wasn't to thrilled to have to sit on the prickly hay, but he did quiet well. I learned it is much harder to get a good picture when you increase the number of babies in the picture.

I can't believe Parker is already 7 months old. For his 7 month old milestone I got him the H1N1 flu shot. He wasn't really to thrilled about the gift, but he forgave me really quickly.

Parker now has 2 complete teeth.

He getting better every day at getting around. He is getting really good at the army crawl, and will get on his knees, but hasn't actually crawled on them yet.

He loves to play with anything he shouldn't have (electrical cords, outlets, paper, plastic bags, etc)

He loves the tags on anything. I don't know what it is about the little black and white care instruction tags on blanks, plush toys, and pillows, but I'll tell you they entertain him.

He has really started liking his binky. If he sees me holding it he'll open his mouth really big so I can put it in for him. I hold it out for him to grab and put in.

He's is now eating solids twice a day and doing really good with it. There have been a few things he's made faces like he doesn't like it (like rice cereal mixed with water), but he eats it any ways pulling faces the whole time.

He truly has been a blessing, and it sure has been fun watching him grow and develop.

Parker and his best buddy Weston!


RuSty and LaLa said...

cutest pumpkin patch i've ever seen

sweets said...

cute little pumpkin