Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Camping Trip

On Saturday the 26th we went up to Spruces campground up Big Cottonwood Canyon for an overnight camp out with some friends of ours. It was CRAZY fun. We were the only ones there with a kid so they were so happy and willing (or should I say demanding) to hold Parker. I was worried Parker might get cold and not sleep well, and we would have a long night, but I'm happy to report he slept great, and was really happy the entire time. I hope we make this an annual tradition (that is, until they have kids j/k).

2 long sleeve onsies + 2 pairs of socks + 2 blankets + 1 hat + 1 heavy sleeper = 1 sleepy WARM baby.

A rare site, me holding Parker.


Kristen and Erik Cambridge said...

He is as cute as ever. Looks like you guys had fun.

My new Journey....come and enjoy the ride!!! said...

I remember our "firsts" for camping trips.....we camped a lot when our kids were young and they all did well when they were babies....I think they just love the outdoors and that great camping feeling too! Those were the days, not so much a camper now....give me a cabin and I do great LOL