Monday, January 16, 2012

Max - 8 Months!!!

In the last month the following have happened:

*He got his second tooth.
*Got really mobile (mostly via rolling, but he will scoot forward as well)
*Celebrated his first Christmas
*Started sharing a room with Parker
*Has gotten pretty good at feeding himself finger foods (He can down a whole banana)*Likes to play with toys (His favorite is a bouncy ball dinosaur thing he got from Grandma Rueckert for Christmas)

His sleeping schedule has pretty much normalized he is now sleeping from about 8pm or 9pm until 6am or 7am. He then takes a two hour morning nap, and a 1 hour afternoon nap. Part of me wishes he would take his long nap in the afternoon when Parker naps, and part of me like the one-on-one time I get with Parker during that time.

It seems like he is starting to slim a little. I suspect he is MUCH shorter then the average, because I can put 6 month sleepers on him and they fit him just fine. He weighs around 18 lbs. We'll get an "official" weight next month.

He sucks a Binky when he is in bed, but when that isn't available he quickly employs his thumb.

Max is such a GEM. I'm so happy he is my son!

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