Friday, January 13, 2012

Troy's Cross Country Ski Trip

Troy's family makes a yearly trip up to some yurts (similar to a tent, but a lot sturdier) near Evanston, WY each year. This year since I'm nursing Max, I stayed home, but Troy went.

The whole clan - you can see the yurt on the right

The trip requires a few mile trek to the yurts. Troy's family cross country skies. I'm sure you could snow shoe, but if you have tried both you know cross country skiing is much less work. Troy's family ALWAYS gets there in the dark so once they get to the yurt it is dinner, games, a little night skiing and then off to bed. The next day is the fun day where they find a nice hill and attempt over and over again to do a train with all that are attending. Usually they end in a tangled mess of skies, legs, and an occasional head.

This year there wasn't much snow, but there was enough to enjoy the trip. The ironic part if it snowed the morning after Troy got home. It would have been so nice to have some fresh snow for the trip, but this is just another example of god's sense of humor.

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