Sunday, June 16, 2013

Specialists make better products

If you want a top of the line product you are going to get it from a company that specializes in that product.  

On May 20th we found out we are continuing to specialize in boys.  We found out our 3rd child is going to be a boy.

Going into this I was about 70% they were going to tell us we were having a girl.  This pregnancy has been a little different than my others so I assumed that was a sign that this one was going to be a girl.  Also Parker kept telling me it was a girl. His reasoning was that I was a girl.  I did however have a dream that it was a boy.  I actually bought a few CUTE outfits for girls.  I figured if it ended up being a boy I'd have them for shower gifts so ether way I could make use of them.  

During the ultrasound they came to the point where they find out the gender.  The technician showed us and with out her telling us what we were seeing, both Troy and I could tell we were going to be having another boy.  I'll admit when we saw that it was a boy I was a little disappointed, but that only lasted for about 30 seconds or so when my disappointment turned to extreme excitement.  Another boy is perfect for our family

This pregnancy has continued to be different than the other two, but maybe that is because I'm pregnant at different time of year.  In a few ways it has been easier, and in other ways it has been harder.

The worst part of having another boy is deciding on a name.  I think we can figure out a name for this one, but honestly if we have another boy after this we might have to name him: Boy, Kid, Dude or Male.

Max doesn't seem to care/understand what will be happening in a few months.  Parker on the other hand will ask me questions about it.  He'll say, "Mom, is your boy baby laughing."  He tells me that the baby is going to kick really hard and then he'll come out.  I think Parker will do OK once the baby comes.  Max on the other hand is going to struggle.

There is still about 16 weeks or about 4 months until the due date.

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Laura said...

I had no idea!! Congratulations! Those boys of yours will be good brothers to each other. :-)