Monday, February 9, 2015

Facebook Status Updates (1/2/15 - 2/7/15)

2/7/15 - We were out to eat at a Chinese resturant tonight as a family. After Parker took a sip of his ice water he said, "Chinese water is SO cold."

2/4/15 - Parker let us pull his second loose tooth out tonight. If the tooth fairy had come last night it would be two night in a row she would be stopping by, but she was sick or something last night so she has double duty tonight.

2/3/15 - And Parker braved up and let Troy pull his tooth.

2/3/15 - We've decided on a name for our baby Abacus Tesla Rueckert. The names just screams . . . "Yes, my parents are an engineer and a scientist, and they think they are funny."

2/3/15 - Today for breakfast Parker ate: two bowls of oatmeal, 1 bowl of cereal, 1/2 grapefruit, some dried apples and a bowl of apple sauce. I'm not looking forward to that aspect of having 4 teenage boys. We have 10 or so years to save up.

2/3/15 - I remember when my first tooth fell out (It was probably during the summer before I started Kindergarten) I was eating some of my Grandma Cranes Christmas caramel, and there was a harder than normal piece in it. I pulled it out and there was my tooth. Parker needs some of that caramel. He has two teeth are are so loose they are ready to fall out the next time he sneezes.

2/2/15 - Tonight Parker wanted me to read Hop on Pop to him. I refused because I told him it is a book he could read himself and that I would rather read a book he couldn't read himself (I'm sure I'm the meanest mom ever). In the end I read a story about a haunted television that was way more entertaining.

1/30/15 - I think I'm going crazy. Out of the blue I decided to give Isaac a bath. And now I'm making spaghetti for dinner. He'll at least be clean for 1 hr or so.

1/19/15 - When Troy and I were expecting our first we easily came up with a girl name. We've kept that name in mind with each child, but so far haven't been able to use it. Coming up with boy names has been really hard for us. For the most part our kids have just gotten the best name we could agree on come their birth. We are now in the same boat we've been in 3 times previously. I couldn't be more excited to struggle to find another great boy name if it means I get to raise my 4th boy.

1/14/15 - On Sunday Parker's primary class was coming into the classroom that I had just finished teaching in. He told his class that we were going to have another baby. Then came and rubbed my baby bump. One of the kids said, "That is CRAZY, you're going to have two kids in diapers." Who knew that was a concern of an almost 6 year old.

1/9/15 - Isaac has learned how to give kisses. They are the best.

1/2/15 - Before bed we told Max to go potty. 
Troy said, "Just go sit and see if anything comes out." 
Max said, "I just stand.
T: "OK, then go stand."
M (very defiantly): "OK"
M (a few moments later while in front of the toilet, very excitedly): "The pee is coming out."
Amazing how that works!!!

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