Friday, February 6, 2015

Helping in the Classroom

I had the opportunity to help in Parker's kindergarten class yesterday. I was nervous about it at first, and was afraid the kids would totally intimidate me. Or that I'd be asked to do something I wasn't comfortable doing. I think I thought of every worse case scenario imaginable (maybe this is why people don't volunteer in the first place).

Parker's class has about 25 kids and 15 moms who want to help so I only have to go in every 3 weeks, and I wasn't quick enough about telling the teacher I was willing and could be available so this is the first time I have helped. The time she needs the help is just for 1 hour. So I had a neighbor watch my kids and headed over.

When I first got there I got to grade some math worksheets. After that I just helped during "center time".  For center time the class is divided into different groups and then each group goes to a different table/station to do an activity. The activities ranged from drawing the right animal in a animal book that was in Spanish, to walking around the room and writing valentine words that were hidden around the room, there was even a station for the kids to do some math games on a computer. Every ten minutes they would change stations. I believe there were 6 stations and each group went to 3 stations.My job was to help the kids get logged-on the computes and then just make sure everyone was on task.

An hour isn't a long time but it still seemed like it was over way before it should have been. I can't wait to go back in about 3 weeks to help again.

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