Monday, August 8, 2011

Camping as a Family of Four

We went on our traditional yearly camp out with our two other friend's families. Many changes have occurred since last year. For our family that meant camping with an additional kid. Another friend got married, and the last ones now have 5 kids.

This year we camped at Nunn Park up Provo Canyon.

Our family got up there Thursday night, but most everyone else had been there since Wednesday. I just didn't want to camp with the kids alone, and with only having one car transportation would have been a nightmare.

We were in charge of dinner Thursday night I cooked baked potatoes and brought them hot. We also had chili and hot dogs. I thought it turned out OK, but I wish we could have gotten up there earlier so we wouldn't have eaten so late.

That night we learned that woodland creatures can open coolers and eat any left overs. By morning the only things left in our cooler were the ketchup and mustard. Something ate 8 hotdogs, 8+ buns, and a little less then 2lbs of cheese. I suspect it was a raccoon, since they have opposable thumbs.

Parker had a hard time the first night. He didn't really understand why we were having him sleep in a tent. He finally fell asleep around 10:30 or 11, but then woke a few times in the night. He finally woke up at 5:30 which woke Max. After I fed Max I knew getting Parker back to sleep was a lost cause so I walked with him to Bridal Veil Falls; there he just threw rocks into the water. The second night Parker did a lot better, but still was the first in our tent up.

Max was a happy camper. I was a little worried he wouldn't sleep very well, and I'd say bye bye to him sleeping 9 hours straight like he did at home. He slept great!!!

While we were up there Parker played with sticks, threw rocks (which was a no-no), played on the little playground, played with his Lego's, and surprisingly stayed mostly clean. Parker hates being dirty so that wasn't too surprising. He also obtain his share of bruises from falling down more than him or I cared to see.

I forgot how much I loved camping. I can't wait to go again.

After the camping trip I decided I want to buy a dutch oven, and a propane lantern.

Our Tent and Occupants

Hanging with my boys by the fire

Max working hard while everyone was packing up to go home

The whole camping gang

Proof you can survive camping with a 2 1/2 month old

To add to the craziness when we got home we had family picture. And then after that I went out to my parents to can peaches, and peach jam

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