Monday, August 1, 2011

Sleeping Under The Stars

We finally did it. . . We put paint on the walls of our house (I know it only took 2 years) !!!

I wanted to do a space themed room for Parker. I wanted it to feel like you were in space, but wasn't sure how to do it without making it too dark, and then I thought I could just paint the top part of the wall dark blue, and the rest of the wall gray with a border in between. I put glow in the dark stars and planets on the ceiling and blue part of the wall. While putting the stars up I decided to organize some into constellations so he has the big and little dipper, along with the north star, and Orion. The planets are organized around the ceiling light as if it was the sun so Mercury is closest to the light and Pluto (yes the set it had included "8 planets and Pluto") is the farthest.

His new room
I was able to find an outer space toddler bedding set for a good price.
Little Dipper & North Star
Big Dipper (You can also see Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars)


The Happy Astronaut
I think it turned out cute. After we finished Troy asked if we could do this to our room :).

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