Thursday, February 5, 2015

Boy Oh Boy

Around the end of September I found out I was pregnant with our 4th child.  I know there was a possibility of it happening and was one day late getting my period.  I normally would have waited another week so as not to waste a pregnancy test on a negative test, but I was scheduled to give blood that morning so I drove to Walgreens bought the test and came back and did the test.  It came back positive. I was SO EXCITED which surprised me. My youngest was not even a year yet and by all accounts I could be considered crazy under some circumstances.

Usually when I find out I'm pregnant I start to think back to having to wake up during the night, dirty diapers, and nursing. I guess because it hadn't been that long since I had done some of those things and I was still in the thick of dirty diapers, and nursing those things didn't seem like that big of a deal.

My early pregnancy was easier than any of my other ones, but that doesn't really explain it.  I have really easy pregnancies and at the worse I have a lose of appetite, am tired, and have to get up to go potty at night.  This pregnancy I only experienced the last symptom during the first little bit. I wasn't sure if it being so easy was because I was having a girl, but was really hoping it was a boy.

You would think after 3 boys I would have been hoping for a girl, but I'm the type of person that orders the dish I know will taste good from a restaurant rather than venture off and order something that might be just as good, and who know might even be better. I've really enjoyed raising my boys. I also have limited knowledge/desire to do a girls hair, figure out dance classes, or play with barbies/dolls.

One great thing about girls is their clothes are SO CUTE making them really fun to dress. I will miss out on that for now, but I can always buy cute things for others.  I'm sure the expectant moms won't mind me getting my girly shopping done on their behalf.

At almost 21 weeks I had the ultrasound and although we had considered not finding out what we were going to have we decided on the way to the ultrasound to find out. As they went to the area to look for the gender we knew without them telling us that we were going to be having a boy. I was so ECSTATIC. Don't get me wrong I would have been happy for a girl, but a boy was in my eyes PERFECT!!!

One drawback to having boys is they are known to eat a ton when they become teenagers.  When this one is 12 we will also have a 13, 16 and 18 year old.  We figure we should start saving now to feed these growing boys. I guess I can use all the money I'm saving by not buying a ton of girl clothes to start a fund to pay to feed these boys in a few years.

We are looking forward to having our 4th boy around the 1st of June. Ideally it would wait until the 5th when Parker will be done with school, but I'm not banking on that since that would be a little over a week over my due date.

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Laura said...

So excited for you! And as you said with your third boy, specialists make better products. :-) But I hear you on the feeding thing when they are teenagers ... my boys will sometimes out-eat everyone in the family! What is it going to be like when they are teenagers?!? Yikes.